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Overview: Beginning in November 2005, fiberglass Snow People sculptures are being produced and in December will be distributed to selected artists for painting/decorating. By mid-January 2006 completed sculptures will be found throughout the Mt. Washington Valley.

Who is eligible: Interested professional artists, designers, and community groups are eligible to submit a proposal.

Production and Design: The original Snow Person design concept was developed and will be manufactured by Raymond Paulin of RP Creations in Berlin, New Hampshire. (www.rpcreations.com)

Specs and Design Criteria: The molded fiberglass Snow Person will be approximately 5-feet in overall height, plus a top hat of an additional (approximate) 12 inches. The Snow Person has a diameter at its widest point of approximately 3 feet. The three dimensional snow person will rest on an integrated wood base that is 5-feet X 5-feet. (see attached photo and sketch)

Artists have the option of attaching accessories to the fiberglass form so long as they do not pose any danger to the public. Proposed additions must be made clear in the design proposal and the adhesives used to attach any extra pieces must follow guidelines provided by the Snow People Coordinating Committee to ensure firm, stable attachment. Please note: It is imperative that attachment be securely fastened to the sculpture form since any sort of protrusion invites touching and/manipulation by the public. See list of recommended materials below

Designs must be appropriate for family viewing, free of political, religious or sexual messages and content disparaging of third parties. Designs also may not include any direct reference to a specific product or company name or be construed as advertising for the sponsor. The Snow People on Parade Coordinating Committee reserves the right to not include a design proposal in the sponsor selection pool.

Artists whose designs are selected should make arrangements to receive the sculpture at their studio. Artists will be required to work with approved mediums and finishes, and clear coat the sculpture to assure the longevity of the artwork on the fiberglass surface. All materials must be able to withstand outdoor climatic conditions and be safe and durable enough for the public to touch.

Artists Honorarium: Selected artists will be paid a stipend for participation. The amount of the stipend will be totally negotiated between the artist and the sculpture sponsor and is not the responsibility of the Coordinating Committee. Artists will be acknowledged on an identifying plaque on the base of the sculpture along with the sponsor of the Snow Person.

Review process: Design proposals will be made available to Snow People sponsors who will review the gallery to select the design(s) they wish to sponsor. The Snow People on Parade Committee cannot guarantee that all designs will be selected by sponsors. Once a design has been selected by a sponsor, the artist will then enter into an agreement with the sponsor. The Coordinating Committee is simply acting as a facilitator in the process of bringing artists and sponsors together.

Marketing Rights: The Snow People on Parade Committee will identify the artist in all public uses and displays of the artist's design. The Snow People on Parade Committee will have the right to photograph, videotape, or record the image of any Snow Person during the production or during the public display and to use any of those materials relating to the Snow People for promotion and publicity of the event.

A sketch / diagram of the sculpture and
a photograph of a completed Snow Person sculpture
may be found below. Scroll to bottom of page.


Snow People on Parade
Artist Submission Process

Artists must submit the following materials as soon as possible to the address provided below:

A rendering of the proposed design, including front, side and rear view. This rendering may be submitted using the outline of the snow person shown below. Please include any relevant design comments on additional sheets.

Artist's resume: Please include -

Name: __________________________________________________

Mailing Address: __________________________________________

Phone Number: _______________ Fax: ______________

Contact Email: _______________________________________


No designs will be returned. Proposals must be mailed to:

Snow People on Parade Project
P O Box 677
North Conway, NH 03860


Since this is an on-going project, Deadlines are "as soon as possible".

The Snow Peole On Parade will be on exhibit annually from late November/early December through March.

Please note: It is recommended that before beginning any application of materials, the artist begin with the task of light sanding. i.e. 400 grit wet sanding, 320 grit dry sanding, by hand or by finishing type sander (vibrator).


Recommended Materials:

Oil-based enamels
Polyurethane-based paints
Oil-based primer

Suggested application methods: aerosol can, brush or professional spray equipment

Five-minute epoxy
Polyester and polystyrene body fillers (Bondo, Evercoat, etc. also good for sculpting textures and shapes on the sculpture.
Construction adhesives (Liquid Nails, etc. - these products have longer drying times) No adhesives and fillers should be used prior to any priming and painting.
Clear coat.

Artists must determine the compatibility of their chosen clear coat with the particular paint they have used. Carefully follow the recommendations of the clear coat manufacturer.

Questions? Call Cindy Russell at 603-447-8914



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