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Snow People on Parade

~ a history!

Snow People on Parade, the area’s 2006-2008 venture in street art, was a project designed to run concurrently with the Winter Carnival. Although both the Winter Carnival and the Snow People have ceased to be an annual event in their original form, aspects of both are still found in the Mt. Washington Valley.

Many of the original Snow People are still to be found, some of them have been re-designed and are 'new' to the scene. The map available for printing will show the 2008 locations of the Snow People, and is not totally accurate today.

But stay on the lookout for the frosty friendly folk, because they will pop into view when you least expect it!

The Beginning of it All . . . . Thank you to Pilot Sponsor,
Settlers' Green Outlet Village
for helping to launch
this new public art program in the valley.



You are invited to read on for
the History of
Mt. Washington Valley's Snow People!

On this page you will find
Examples of Street Art Projects in other towns;
Additional information about our Snow People on Parade project;
How you can become involved.



Announcing the Mt. Washington Valley’s first Street Art Project.

It started in Chicago - with cows!
New York City does it - with apples!
Wilton, Maine celebrated their bicentennial - with Loons!
Bennington, Vermont uses moose.
And now, the Mt. Washington Valley is designing Snow People!


Chicago's Cow Project
began in the 90's - and now parts of it are on tour, internationally!


New York City calls it
Apple Fest.

These giant 'big apple's' are most similar to the
belly of the Snow Person and give ideas
of how the Snow People could be designed.

Note: The head, and hat of the Snow Person
could / should be included in the total design.


Several years ago, the Chicago Cow Project introduced over 300 cows painted by Chicago artists and artisans from the fine and applied arts. Commissioned by area businesses, schools and groups the cows were on display throughout the city, some were later auctioned off to support a public arts project and some are on tour around the country.

Over the years communities have discovered this outdoor art as a way of showcasing the artistic talents of area professionals while at the same time decorating their streets with unusual and astounding art and demonstrating their civic pride for both residents and visitors to enjoy.

“When William Shakespeare wrote, ‘All the world’s a stage’, the metaphor was meant for actors,” stated Forrest Hartman of the Reno Gazette-Journale. “But visual artists have done much to affirm his words, creating dramatic works in the places we least expect them.

Public art is everywhere these days, and advocates say it’s crucial to creating a vital cultural life.”


Introducing the model for our
Snow Person:

The fiberglass form each artist receives will be totally white
without features on it.
This presents a large white 'canvas' for each artist
to create a design appropriate to the arts in Mt. Washington Valley.

Here's the mold as it approaches the final state:

The mold will be used to cast the white, fiberglass snow people.
The completed artistic creation will be mounted on a heavy base,
bearing the name of the sponsor and the artist.


Settlers’ Green Outlet Village has been working with The MW Way to bring a little “Street Art” to the valley by organizing a similar project using snow men.

The fiberglass snowman sculpture is approximately five feet tall with a traditional shape and the mold for the figure is being designed and formed by Raymond Paulin of RP Creations in Berlin.

Once it has been painted or artistically interpreted, it is treated with a waterproof finish that will preserve the art for outdoor exhibit use.

“We started last year with several snowmen and this year are happy to be expanding the number in time for viewing during Winter Carnival 2007. We will be working our way up to a sizeable exhibit over the next few years,” said Dot Seybold, General Manager of OVP Management, Inc. and Marketing Director of Settlers' Green. Note: We have commitments for six more snow people to join the parade during winter 2007-2008!

"We are looking forward to working with area artists and to providing them with financial incentives to create a one of a kind piece of street art for us, which will be on display through out the winter season." Seybold added.

Each snowman will have a private or business sponsor who will arrange with the artist of their choice to create the design for their specific Snow Person. The responsibility of making financial arrangements with the artist belongs to each sponsor.


In Bennington, Vermont
it was moose!



Our Goal:

The goal for the 2006-2007 winter season is to expand the valley exhibit to 20 artistically designed and painted snow people on display in the Valley.

Stay tuned - - - there will be more to come!


How to get involved:

The cost of each snow person is $700 and includes the base and delivery. Businesses, individuals, and organizations that purchase a snow person will then negotiate with an artist of their choice and decide on a final design. Artistic fees will be the responsibility of the sponsoring business.

Organizers of the project are announcing both a call for artists and a commitment from interested corporate sponsors.


The Nuts and Bolts of it all:

Help us launch this fun and exciting Street Art Project!

How to participate:

1. Businesses who agree to participate will purchase an undecorated snow person for $700. This fee will cover both the production of the snow person and the expenses involved in advertising and marketing the Snow Parade people.

2. Each business will then arrange with an artist of their choice (a list of interested artists and their designs will be made available if desired) and complete their own arrangement with artists to design and decorate their snow person.

3. The Street Art Project planners will work with each business to provide publicity for the project including press releases, a proposed map indicating the location of the snow people for public viewing, advertising, and other promotion.

4. It is the responsibility of the business to contract with an artist to create a design acceptable to the business and the Snow Person on Parade Committee. Payment to the artist is the responsibility of the business.


Timeline: & Additional information:
• Confirmation of decision to participate is requested as soon as possible.
• Snow person will be delivered to sponsoring business by arrangement
• Artist will be requested to complete project within a 2-month period
• Completed projects will be displayed at place of business, or other location by arrangement.
• Snow person is designed to be bolted to a base which will be provided by the committee and which will indicate Settlers’ Green Outlet Village as Pilot Sponsor, AND the name of the sponsoring business and participating artist for that specific snow person.
• Art work will be done in acrylic with a polyurethane coating to protect it from the environment.
• Snow people may be displayed as soon as design as complete
• Artists will submit a design for snow person which must be approved by sponsor and Street Art Project planners.