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Snow People on Parade
Painted snowmen decorate valley
Dena Libner

—By Presidents' Day Weekend, 17 decorated, fiberglass snowmen will have emerged from artists' studios onto the streets of the Mount Washington Valley. It's all part of the valley's first public street art project, aptly titled "Snow People on Parade." The project sponsor, Settlers' Green Outlet Village in North Conway, and event planner Cindy Russell organized the effort to showcase local residents' artistic talents.

The 6-foot-tall structures aren't gathered in a single, central area — their locations are widespread, much like the geography and citizens of the valley. From Jackson to Conway, snowmen can be spotted in front of a number of businesses, schools and public offices.

The paintings on the snowmen are as diverse as the figures' locations. Many reflect the snowmen's sponsors' love for the natural beauty of the valley. Others represent the organization or business that sponsored them.
All, however, are meant to assert the talent and uniqueness of the sponsoring business or organization and, at the same time, unite the valley community with a widespread art project.

• "Snow Panda" (on display at the Conway Public Library until March 5). This snowman was created by staff and students at Pine Tree School. The snowflakes on the figure's body are composed of the fingerprints of every student in the elementary school.

• "Frosty Cares" (on display at the Conway Village Chamber Information Booth). This snowman was created by students at the Tamworth Community School. It represents more than 150 nurse anesthetists in New Hampshire who care for residents statewide.

• "Discovery and Exploration" (on display at the Mount Washington Valley Children's Museum's new location, near Stan & Dan Sports in North Conway Village). This snowman was commissioned by Pete's Restaurant Equipment.

• "There's a Piece Missing" (on display in front of Flossie's General Store in Jackson). The owners of the store and White Mountain Puzzles commissioned the figure to honor the office staff at the puzzles shop.

• "Valley Night" (on display at Settlers' Green Outlet Village in North Conway). Sandy Hall, an art teacher at Kennett High School, was inspired in her painting of this snowman by Van Gogh's famous "Starry Night."

• "The Four Seasons" (on display at Attitash Mountain Village in Bartlett). This tribute to the valley's natural beauty was painted by Kate Streeter.

• "Sunset — Chocorua & Moat Mountain" (on display at Gold Lead Frame & Gallery in North Conway Village). This snowman was painted by local artist Sally Dinsmore.

• "The Sun" (on display at The Conway Daily Sun in North Conway). This snowman was painted by local artist Sally Dinsmore.

• "Rotary Around the World" (on display at Depot Park in North Conway). Kelly LaBrie was commissioned by the North Conway Rotary Club to create this snowman.

• "Birds of the Season" (on display in North Conway Village). Donna Woodward, commissioned by the Mount Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce and building landord, Tom Schaffner, created this piece.

• "Patchwork Emperor" (on display in front of the Eastern Slope Inn in North Conway Village). This piece was created by the staff of "Essence of Art," who used woven cloth and pottery products in their design.

• "Village Scenes" (on display in front of Olympia Sports in North Conway Village). River Run Company commissioned Meredith Chambers to create this piece.

• "Winter Postage" (on display at Cranmore Mountain Resort in North Conway). This snowman was commissioned by the resort and painted by staff member and artist Daphne LeMay.

• "Let it Snow, Man!" (on display in the lobby of the North Conway Grand Hotel). Kennett High art teacher Terry Brooks designed and painted the figure.

• "Whimsical Seasons" (on display in front of Cross Insurance on Eastman Road in Redstone). This figure was painted by Diane Mellow.

• "Hodge Podge Valley Collage" (on display in front of Badger Realty in Jackson). This figure was created by Mary Barash and Leavitt and friends.

• "Mountain Matisse" (on display in front of the Red Fox Bar & Grille in Jackson). This work of art was painted by Lori Badger.

Visitors and residents are invited to tour the valley and view each of the snowmen. Just use the locator map, which is available at www.mwvevents.com/SnowPeopleOnParade.html or in today's Conway Daily Sun.
( Click here for a map of locations for Snow People on Parade. )

At the bottom of the map of snowmen's locations, there is a People's Choice ballot. Visitors can vote for their three favorite snowmen in the valley by filling the ballot out and dropping it off at the Conway Daily Sun office on Seavey Street in North Conway by March 3.

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