July 16


July 30
Conway's 250th

& Fireworks

August 13

Listen to "Conway, You're My Way Home"

Music by Dennis O’Neil & Davey Armstrong
Lyrics by Dennis & Davey with inspiration from “A Prayer in Spring”
by New Hampshire resident, Robert Frost (1874-1963),
quoted in the first line of “Conway, You’re My Way Home”.

Dennis & Davey have generously gifted this beautiful song to Arts Jubilee.
"Conway You're My Way Home" is available for download -
to learn how you can obtain it by donating to Arts Jubilee,
E-mail: info@mwvevents.com


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Weather Note: Pop-up Showers are a normal occurence during warm and humid summer days.
Arts Jubilee will make every effort to present each concert unless the threat of lightning is present.
Please remember that the configuration of mountains in our beautiful part of New Hampshire
make weather prediction difficult at best. Since it is usually not possible to move a performance inside,
we use "Rain or shine" as the mantra, and we advise that concert-goers bring the necessary items to permit
you to tolerate whatever Mother Nature adds to the performance
(including a plastic sheet to protect your blanket if it has been raining)!
Last minute weather updates are best found by listening to WMWV 93.5 FM
with the most recent information
shared on the Drive Time program from 5:05 - 6 PM.

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*This condominium has not yet been registered by the New Hampshire Consumer Protection and Antitrust Bureau
of the Attorney General’s Office, Department of Justice.
Until such time as registration has been issued, only non-binding reservation agreements may be accepted
Arts Jubilee's Mission since 1983!
"To bring world-class, live music performances
to the valley normally found only in metropolitan areas.

And to present an artist in the schools program
to area schools, annually.”

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